Essence & Serum & Ampoule

Ceutisome P Trial Kit [5g+2.5g+4g]



Ceutisome Trial Kit
(Ampoule + Booster + Stem Formula)
🍃 A tailored kit designed to relieve different skincare concerns. This kit includes a powerful ampoule and accompanying booster targeted towards your specific skincare goals along with the Ceutisome Stem Formula, an O2 carrier, to promote maximum absorption.

Ampoule + Booster
🍃 Hyper Pigment Ampoule + P-Booster
🍃 Wrinkle Effect Ampoule + W-Booster
🍃 Oilycom Ampoule + O-Booster
🍃 Hydrating Ampoule + H-Booster

🍃 Ceutisome Stem Formula
A formula containing ceutisome, a cosmetic ingredient that acts as an O2 carrier, with each carrier containing 35ppm oxygen. This formula promotes absorption of ingredients into the skin when applied and creates a moisture barrier on the skin that lasts up to 7 days.


Ceutisome Hyper Pigment Trial Kit
Hyper Pigment Ampoule + P-Booster
🍃 Brightens and purifies skin, relieves blemishes, evens out skin tone, and keeps skin firm and smooth.

Ceutisome Stem Formula
🍃Purifies the skin by removing carbon dioxide and supplying oxygen, retains moisture by forming a layer of oxygen on the skin, accelerates healing of and inhibits signs of aging by activating the metabolism of skin cells.