Ceutisome CC Mask [1sheet/1Box(6sheets)]



🍃 A premium cooling sheet mask

🍃 Made with ultra-soft, cotton linter Bemliese™, a luxury sheet mask fabric. The mask facilitates high absorption by fitting perfectly on the face and is also richly soaked with essence to provide a long-lasting calming effect to the skin.

🍃 CC Mask cools the skin, soothes the skin, and controls sebum all at once.


🍃 The derivative of Menthol cools down skin temperature.

🍃 The 7-White patented ingredients complex protects the skin from harmful substances and regulates skin balance for a clear and healthy skin

🍃Provides hydration to skin and gets rid of oily complexion by controlling sebum secretion. Calms overheated skin by cooling skin temperature.