CT Modeling Mask, For Cooling Treatment 1kg



🍃 Cooling powder facial mask

🍃 A powder mask facial treatment that drives essential actives into the skin through a reviving oxygen exchange for an instantly dewy, healthy-looking complexion.

🍃 The CT Mask is formulated to cool the skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

🍃 Developed to deeply hydrate, cool, and visibly plump the skin, the OxygenCeuticals Modeling Mask is a professional-grade mask used in dermatology clinics and spas.

🍃 The system is designed to create an occlusive barrier, loaded with humectants to seal in hydration, while an algae and botanicals extract complex draws heat to cool and calm the skin. Medical grade marine algae, harvested seas, and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid work to instantly create the appearance of plumper skin and seal in moisture for lasting hydration.


🍃 Premium modeling mask with more than 15% marine algae extracts. The alginate exfoliates dead skin cells and at the same time hydrates, nourishes and calms the skin.

🍃 CT Mask cools and soothes the skin.