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How to Get Luminous Skin With the At-home Skincare?

How to Get Luminous Skin With the At-home Skincare?

The secrete key for naturally glowing skin is proper skincare. It helps skin be more clear and shimmer. OxygenCeuticals’ Skin-brightening products can make you achieve the more radiant skin. Here are the skincare products not only brighten the skin but also clear the complexions.

OxygenCeuticals Glutathione ToneUp Kit is composed of Glutathione Ampoules and Glutathione ToneUp Cream. As named ‘Glutathione’, these components contain glutathione, the powerful antioxidant. In addition to the well-known substance glutathione, the cream and ampoule also contain GIGAWHITE that is made from extracts of 7 swiss alpine botanicals. Their pigmentation improvement ability was proved by a clinical test, so they allow tone-up effect upon using the kit constantly.

For more details about how glutathione works in the skin, it removes free radicals like peroxides by reacting with them. At the same time, the skin absorbs functional ingredients that were delivered within the formula so that it becomes glowing clearly.

Not only by glutathione but by the incorporation of niacinamide and GIGAWHITE, the melanocytes in the skin are interrupted to the synthesis of melanin. This results in both skin brightening and preventing hyperpigmentation at once.

Let’s look into the components now. As above mentioned, Glutathione Ampoule contains 7 botanical extracts from swiss alpine region called GIGAWHITE. It revitalizes dull skin to be shine, and encapsulated glutathione enhances the brightening effect of the ampoule.

Meanwhile, Glutathione ToneUp Cream allows an instant brightening effect. It has a soft creamy texture so it is applicable easily without making any crease. Even though the formula itself seems quite pasty, but when you spread it out, it tones up the skin naturally, so it can be used as a makeup base cream or for foundation-free makeup looks.

Both ampoule and cream packed with glutathione so they remove free radicals in the skin which damages the skin. Moreover, unlike existing skin brighteners, OxygenCeuticals’ Glutathiones are infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5(panthenol). Hence, they are strengthened their moisturizing effect.

The next item is OxygenCeuticals Bio Matirx Collagen Kit. There are two types of it, one is for professionals and the other one is for at-home skincare. This kit is aiming the skin that is sensitized and damaged, so it help skin boost its self-recovery ability.

In fact, many aesthetic clinics are still using collagen velvet mask. However, that sort of sheet mask is not easy to put on the skin properly for at-home skincare, and it might cause dryness after using it. OxygenCeuticals Bio Matrix Collagen Kit complements these shortages of collagen velvet mask.

Let’s go over what ingredients are in the formula first. The collagen kit is composed with Ampoule Booster and Bio Matrix Velvet Ball.

The Ampoule Booster contains a mixture of floral extracts. Highly concentrated lotus, rose, and jasmine flowers help skin be revitalized and soothes sensitized skin. This substance allows the skin to glow from the deeper side of it.

Meanwhile, the other component of the Bio Matrix Collagen Kit is definitely the collagen-related item. Honestly, Bio Matrix Velvet Ball can be called collagen itself. It is made up of frozen-dried collagen containing 90% of hydrolyzed collagen and 10% sodium hyaluronate.

Collagen used in OxygenCeuticals Bio Matrix Collagen Kit is marine collagen that was extracted from sea algae. Marine collagen has a much smaller structure compared to common collagen so the penetration of the marine collagen is higher than normal collagens. Also, it is frozen-dried so it keeps most natural nutrients and collagen structure hardly destroyed.



Not only for the high-quality ingredients, but also the usage is much easier than velvet mask. You can just mix the collagen ball and the ampoule booster and then stir it gently until the collagen ball melts down. Since the marine collagen is soluble in water and turns into essence when it is mixed with the booster, it helps the absorption of functional ingredients. As soon as use one collagen ball, the skin becomes tighten and plumps up. Moreover, the collagen balls are packed separately, so it is easy to keep hygiene.

With Bio Matrix Collagen Kit the home care version, you can get flawless skin much easier. To get synergistic results, put CryoGel Velvet Mask on the top of a layer of Bio Matrix Collagen mixture. It’ll boost the absorption of the ampoules.

Get beautiful skin with OxygenCeuticals skincare products. It will brighten not only your skin but also your day!